Un contínuum común indefinidamente liso

Proyecciones sobre la contemporaneidad en la Colección del IVAM

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This curatorial proposal delves into the IVAM collection to project other insights towards the contemporary. And it does so by inviting us to approach the pieces from a broader and more complex perspective, a new angle which leaves the door open to the potential connections and interpretations that may arise in this space of the exhibition.

With it, an exercise is configured through which artistic, social and cultural contexts are analyzed from another point of view, events that can be tracked throughout the works and which reveal the impulses or vacuums that put the identity of history at risk.
In this sense, the exhibition doesn’t teach; it simply accompanies us on a journey so we can feel free to fill those voids with our own meanings. The exhibition is configured as a tool that offers us the opportunity to generate other readings of the works, viewpoints that are equally valid, given that they are based on the uniqueness of each experience.

This project uses the pieces as a necessary central thread which helps us to reflect on various themes, such as the changing nature of the museum institution, the role of the artist and their identity, or the anticipations of different movements that changed our responses to art. It does this using different artistic languages that bring us a little closer to that concept of what we understand as contemporaneity.

The pieces displayed will take on other meanings depending on the perspective from which they are analyzed. They also show us that, in this present that surrounds us where everything can mean anything, there is nothing better than coming to a blurred territory to discover that perhaps the interesting thing is not defining what is contemporary, but discovering when it is.

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Nuria Enguita, Diana Guijarro
24 x 17
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